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– Yes, mandatory work activity schemes are mandatory, and no, they aren’t fair. The nonsense of “fairness” is shown up for what it is in this article, too. If fairness means making others suffer so that those who are already suffering feel better about not suffering alone, then no thanks.

– Plenty of extremist maniacs still want Salman Rushdie dead, but they’re not willing to pay so much for it nowadays.

– How is America’s attempt to cut back on spending going?

– “A second term for Obama won’t in and of itself awaken the public to the bipartisan, systemic nature of American plutocracy anymore than Bill Clinton’s second term did. A Republican in office might awaken the partisan left’s devotion to peace and freedom again, but only until the next Democrat is in power.

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– Good news, everyone! All the crime in America has been solved. At least, that’s the only plausible reason why undercover cops in Florida are artificially creating more crime by tricking teenagers into buying drugs. I cannot fathom how much desperate rationalisation must be going on in some people’s heads to convince themselves that they’re not making the world a worse place by implementing a scheme like this.

– Planning a holiday this year? Just remember that going back home again is a privilege, not a right. (via Radley Balko)

– A Muslim physically attacked a guy dressed as Mohammed, and a judge threw the case out. Apparently, because the guy was offended, his violent response doesn’t deserve any kind of punishment. It’s a good thing there’s nothing “offensive” about assault and battery, or we might get stuck in an infinite loop.

– Yet more evidence of the pointless inhumanity of the government’s “workfare” scheme: it doesn’t get people off Jobseeker’s Allowance any quicker. And there’s more details here on how the statistics being used to support it are deeply misleading.

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I’ve also not gotten around to producing my own write-up of the workfare fiasco, the scheme by which people on benefits are obliged to take on unpaid work in order to continue receiving government support, while corporations essentially get entirely free labour which is paid for by the state, at far below minimum wage.

The internet’s already kicked up a very effective fuss over this while I’ve still been gathering links and trying to put together some thoughts.


First of all, read this by sturdyAlex, because it’s completely brilliant.

Then follow the Boycott Workfare blog, and read posts like this one and this one.

The Guardian has been reporting on how unfair this scheme is, and also how it affects disabled people.

The New Journalist looks at a speech in which Iain Duncan Smith totally abandoned any remaining vestiges of credibility he might have been able to lay claim to.

The Third Estate looks at the context in which workfare exists: minimum wage, benefits, prison work, apprenticeships, and so on.

I endorse the sentiments contained in the articles linked to above. If you’ve read through it all and got as angry as I have, you might want to sign this petition.

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