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Bravo, Jessica Ahlquist. If you’ve been slacking off following her story as much as I have, go read JT’s summary of events so far, and this follow-up. Oh, and these examples of religious intolerance from Christians abusing their privilege, including many actively calling for this 16-year-old girl’s murder. Stay classy.

– It sounds like this has a long way to go before we can tell whether it’ll pan out, but this potential cure for chronic pain could be a huge deal.

– You know, if shiny and rather homogeneous tits are your thing, then Zoo magazine might be for you, but it’s not the place to find “real” girls. The term “real” is perhaps unfortunate, since skinny people aren’t exactly fictional, but if you want a better representation of humanity’s natural beauty, put down the lads’ mags and visit the Adipositivity Project (NSFW) or something.

– If girls wanting to join in means that you can’t enjoy your video games any more, you’re doing it wrong.


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When the planes hit the twin towers on…

Actually, you know what? I don’t have anything to say about 9/11 which hasn’t already been said a billion times all over the internet, and which isn’t being repeated another trillion times today in blogs and newspapers and angst-milking TV news shows.

So let’s just listen to theme tunes from NES games with a bunch of lyrics added to them.








Because fuck terrorism, that’s why.

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