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President Ronald Reagan talked about the importance of “openness to people of all beliefs”, and keeping church and state separate. That was less than thirty years ago. Where will we be in another thirty?

– Misspelt URL aside, this account of a Sally Morgan performance, in which the psychic seemed to be channeling a fictional character (whose details she had been prompted with before the show) is quite damning.

– Newt Gingrich is caught professing entirely unsurprising double standards, hammering Obama for something he never criticised Bush for. His excuse: “I wasn’t a presidential candidate at that point”. But now he is, he needs to play to the extremist Republican base, and to hell with consistency.

– Oh science, what hast thou wrought?

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For something that involves so much lying down and making sympathetic faces, looking after a girlfriend with glandular fever can be surprisingly tiring and time-consuming.

So, apologies that I’m still not very present here. However, although I’m not going to comment at length about Sally Morgan today, it’s worth mentioning that Simon Singh is one hell of a gentleman badass.

Is that a thing people say? That should totally be a thing.

Of course Sally Morgan has every right to decline an invitation to any particular event at which certain of her detractors propose to “test” her, especially in a situation which has not been arranged with her and under circumstances with which she may not be familiar or comfortable. But the point Simon Singh and others are making is that she has by no means demonstrated the validity of the numerous grandiose claims she regularly makes, and in which many people become deeply emotionally invested. If she has any interest in the well-being of her fans, or in being intellectually honest, she should really be actively seeking some way to prove her abilities beyond a level which can be replicated by a practised charlatan.

She could also do with cultivating a slightly thicker skin for criticism, if she’s so inclined to send her lawyers after any prominent figure who may be disinclined to accept everything she says at face value.

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