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Hiatus, episode a jillion

You know how, every so often, I go quiet on here for a while, then come back with talk about all the writing I’m planning to do but have been too busy for, or haven’t been in the right headspace while I’m in the middle of moving house, or how I’m feeling bad that I’ve been kinda lazy but I’m itching to get back to it any day now?

This is, like, half one of those, because I haven’t posted in ages and I guess I’m sort of apologising. But it’s half not that at all, because I’m not actually remotely sorry, I’ve just not even been trying to write anything for a while and it’s really nice.

I mean, I’m not totally giving up. I still want to engage with the world, including discussing politics and ideas and stuff, and sometimes that’ll involve lengthy rants and rambles on here. And there’s a good chance I’ll have another sincere go at churning a book out at some stage.

But lately I’ve had the longest stretch I’ve allowed myself in quite some time of not giving a shit about any of that. I’ve been tidying the house, and learning to cook a bit more, and playing the piano, and reading, and binge-watching kick-ass female-oriented Netflix superhero shows with my wife in our cosy basement, and basically having a nice time.

I do seem mostly to be better at having a nice time when I’m not trying to be a writer.

It’ll be a shame if I can never find a way to reconcile those two at least a little more than I am right now. But… I’m starting to think maybe not that much of a shame.

So I’m not gone, but I’m not back either. I’m more active on Twitter and Tumblr right now if for some reason you don’t want to keep missing out.

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Christ, it’s been ages since I last posted about how it’s been ages since I last posted here.

I guess I’ve been too distracted with BUYING A HOUSE and then LIVING IN THAT HOUSE and hiring people to PLASTER AND PAINT THE WALLS OF THAT HOUSE and then waiting for different people to FILL MY HOUSE WITH AWESOME NON-MANKY CARPETS, and I just haven’t had time to think about this place, and also I can’t really set up my computer properly because everything’s been getting repainted and recarpeted and so most of our stuff is still shoved out of the way in the cellar.

The point is holy crap I actually have somewhere to live and it’s starting to look gorgeous and it’s nearly done and after well over a year of being stuck in a weird transition limbo I almost get to just be at home again.

I have been properly twitching for some kind of creative output lately and I really hope this site’s going to be part of it again. My hobbies once my life resumes will include writing, blogging, playing the piano, travelling the world just a little more adventurously than I’m entirely comfortable with, and paying off alllllllll the debt.

Betting is now open on whether the next thing to appear here will be just a regular post about whatever this blog is supposed to be about, rather than another personal update promising regular content soon.

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Before the con, we had three nights in a snazzy hotel, slightly further out into Kent, and just revelled in having absolutely nothing to do for days on end. We lounged in bed and read books and watched every episode of Spaced. We found the energy before we left to pootle over towards Dover and stroll along the white cliffs, pausing for a cream tea at the far end and then coming back to join the National Trust.

I have no particularly profound thoughts about any of this, and being a comfortably middle-class twat trying to show you my holiday slides isn’t one of the tangents I’m keen for this blog to start taking. So we had a very nice time and that’s all you really need to know.

Before all that, we got married in a treehouse on Monday. Everyone came and had a great time. There was food and music and favourable weather. Everything was perfect.

I’ve not been sure what to say about this bit. We love each other, so we got married. In many ways it was just that straightforward.

Of course, in a lot of cases, either it isn’t that simple or it shouldn’t be. Some people love each other but don’t want to get married. Some people would love to get married but can’t. Some people change their mind about being married later and, in trying to get things back to normal, collide with a nightmarish system which strongly incentivises spite and vindictiveness. Some people have relationships and loves in their lives that don’t fit neatly into one particular centuries-old heteronormative ideal of how humans ought to interact. Some people want to do things their own way, a bit differently, in ways that society still seems determined to punish them for.

There’s a lot of political and cultural bullshit surrounding marriage, to the point where I don’t even really know whether I support its existence as an institution.

But in our isolated and privileged little corner of the world, it was as simple as a four-year-old’s innocent depiction of two people getting married because they love each other.

Political bullshit aside, there’s room for it to just be a simple, lovely thing, too.

Here’s some pictures of me and my wife looking cute at our lovely wedding which we spent months fretting and stressing over and slightly less time actually working on organising and which I’m very very glad we never have to do again.

Photos courtesy primarily of Camera Hannah, and also a couple from James Surnameunknown.

Godless socialism again tomorrow. Hurrah!

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No proper post today, because I’ve been out paying some lady to poke sharp things into my mouth and make it hurt as a way of making it hurt less in the long-run.

Yay, root canal!

This was my second hour-long appointment. I’m back again next week, and possibly again after that to have it finished off and capped. It seems to be going well: the continual pain I’d had for a couple of weeks stopped after last week’s initial session. Right now it’s sore again from all the prodding, but should settle down soon.

My main observation about the whole experience is this: holy fucking balls am I glad I live in an age when dentistry has progressed as far as it has.

I suppose this could be applied more broadly to modern medicine in general, but it can also be applied very specifically to the local anaesthetics I’ve been getting to know rather well recently. Seriously, I get a brief flavour of what real pain feels like when the whirry drilly thing brushes an un-numbed part of a nerve, and that’s the point at which I make a noise and wave my hand and the dentist zaps me with another dose of miracle juice until I can’t feel a damn thing on that side of my mouth any more and she can get back to work.

I almost enjoy getting it all done, solely on the grounds of my appreciation for how much worse it could be. (Not very almost, but you know what I mean.)

Also, I think my roots might have unusually deep canals, or something. She seemed to have to get a longer-than-usual scrapey thing to go scrabbling around in there.

She had Radio 1 on in the background, too, which meant that the soundtrack to several minutes of having a long, thin needle pushed well below my gum-line and wiggled around was this.

So, y’know. Swings and roundabouts.

Questions for discussion: Is there an upper limit to the number of times someone can mentally sing Tom Lehrer’s The Elements to distract themselves from major dental surgery, and if so, when am I going to hit it?

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Name! That! Pig!

I couldn’t stop the title of this post from sounding like something people would shout on a game show, so I just embraced it.

Anyway, I’m only stopping in quickly before dinner. The exciting news is that we now have two guinea pigs who need names. Hurrah! Here they are:




Suggestions so far for what they could be called include: Leibniz & Newton, Bret & Jemaine, and Higgs & Boson.

Any thoughts?

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Today, I am perfect.

Short of some spectacular advances in technology, this is the last year I’ll be able to say that.

Yesterday, I was a cube. That won’t be true again until I’m Paul McCartney.

In a year, I’ll be in my prime again. The last time that was true, I was living on my own in Bromley, and had started this blog a week and a half ago.

As regular readers will be aware, this convoluted load of nonsense is how I traditionally announce that it’s my birthday. I’m 28 today.

Last year, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I compiled a list of things I wanted to get done while I was still 27. It almost amounts to the same thing, with my birthday being so early in the year, and it seemed like a good age at which to achieve things.

There were two things on my list. I managed neither of them.

In fairness, I did get justifiably distracted by one particular side-quest.



I think I’m entitled to shunt my other priorities back a little to make room for stuff like falling in love and getting engaged.

So, apart from continuing to be awesome, the things I aim to achieve this time while I’m 28 years old are:

1. I’m going to finish a novel. Writing and redrafting, start to finish, to a state where it could start being sent out to publishers, or at least to beta-readers. I’ve got several part-completed projects which could satisfy this one; at the moment my delayed NaNoWriMo project is at 31,000 words and coming along nicely. So, it’s looking tentatively promising.

And, alongside my efforts at completing a lengthy magnum opus:

2. I’m going to sell some writing. A novel, some short fic, a drabble, an article for a magazine specialising in snarky geekdom, whatever – someone is going to pay me moneys for some words I done wrote.

I’ve already written stuff which may possibly qualify here. But this is going to involve familiarising myself more with paying markets and the actual professional side of writering, beyond the simple bit of sitting down and typing words. (“Simple” in that, logistically, I understand how it’s supposed to work. The physical processes are relatively uncomplicated. This is not the same as “easy”.)

As an afterthought, I suppose I should tack on the secondary aim of getting a job at some point. But pfft, details.

So, that’s me. Happy birthday/un-birthday (delete as appropriate) to you. I’m off to eat more cake.

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Lifery update

Hey, you know all that writing and posting and commentary I’ve not been doing lately? Well, you’re in for a bunch more of not that. I’m still moving in with my girlfriend, bit by bit, over the course of a month or so, and next week we’re going to be holidaying in the Hebrides.

I’m not dead and I’ve not given this blog up by any means, but the quietness is likely to continue for at least a little while yet. Once all my stuff’s here, not just most of it, I’ll be settling back into a more writeristic routine. For now, relax, and stay tuned to your RSS feed for further updates. I hope you’re all doing well.

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