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The New York Times faces an ethical quandary. When they’re writing about stuff people have said, should they bother to report on whether that stuff’s true or not? Is that an important or useful part of their role as a news organisation? They’re “looking for reader input” on this. Because they’re not sure.

Dear Dr Phil, if you want to actually help people as you claim to do, you have a responsibility to do better than this.

– A new addition to add to the list of Mother Teresa’s crimes against moral decency: she campaigned to protect a child-abusing Catholic priest, stressing “how careful we must be to guard the purity and reputation of that priesthood”.

Here’s a video which very neatly and briefly explains the distinction between a trend and a variation in data – for example, between the constantly changing weather, and the gradually shifting climate.

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– This needs to be more widely understood: Mother Teresa was terrible.

– I am not a fan of Ron Paul. He’s occasionally right about, say, the appalling and failed nature of the US government’s war on drugs. But taking him as a whole, we’re setting the bar way too low on how we expect other human beings to act if we’re going to get swept away by the few things he’s right about. He doesn’t even accept evolution, fer Chrissakes.

– Go the fuck to sleep the library.

– Are you following Captain Awesome? She’s really pretty good at this. I think it was Holly who described this site somewhere as “an advice column by someone who actually likes people”.

And no, I still have no consistent name for this brief links round-up thing I seem to be doing again.

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