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If centuries of theology and philosophy and religious apologetics and dialectic debate haven’t been enough to persuade you of the totally genuine and absolutely real existence of God, then get ready for something that might finally tip the scale.

A nine-month-old child, somewhere in “southern Russian [sic]”, has been having verses of the Quran appear on various parts of his body in some sort of pink writing. They apparently turn up twice a week, and fade away over a few days. You know, similar to the way that ink might do if someone was writing things on him. This kid’s become quite the popular celebrity, with thousands of people turning up from all around to witness the miracle of words appearing on an infant boy’s body and his parents denying they put them there with a pen.

We’re told that “Local doctors have not been able to explain the phenomenon.” Now, I don’t know how many qualified medical practitioners have looked at the kid. But I’m thinking this might be true in the same way that parents have not been able to explain how Santa Claus delivers presents to hundreds of millions of children in one night. They could probably come up with one explanation, if pushed, but… well, that’d just spoil all the fun.

I really don’t get people sometimes. There’s so little inclination to question or doubt here, it’s like it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. It’s just important to believe in something.

In less crazy news, Derren Brown’s latest Science of Scams video is up. It’s about ouija boards, and has a demonstration of a test devised yonks ago by Michael Faraday, which I’d never seen before but is quite ingenious. I’m still really enjoying this series.


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