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A quick link to an Index on Censorship blog post in which Padraig Reidy is right.

I was part of the Twitter crowd banging on in outrage about Jan Moir, after her hideously fuckwitted outpouring of shite (or “shitepouring”) about the death of Stephen Gately, and calling attention to the offensive levels of what the Daily Mail are calling journalism these days. But I don’t think I ever suggested legal censure.

Moir’s are far from being the only vile dribblings to have come out of that particular rag lately, but my personal response has been primarily to strengthen my resolve not to buy a copy of the Daily Mail. Between that and the occasional 140-character outburst of my own on the subject of what twats these people are, it feels like I’m doing my part to its full extent.

There probably does exist some speech which would deserve to be acted directly against, but you need to be really careful about deciding that something’s crossed that line, if you want to claim that free speech is of any importance to you. It’s not obvious that she’s libelled anyone; all she’s really done is been unpleasant and badly informed. And while I may disagree with what you say, I will defend to the death my right to quote tired clich├ęs and misattribute them to Voltaire.

So, when I respond to an article like Moir’s by tweeting that I think she should shut the fuck up, that’s only an idle wish, not something I want legally enforced.

In other news, I’ve had an idea for something it might be fun to try out, inspired by a commenter here. peter gore seer said:

The bible generates so much love and hate and soaks all that hate up and gives love that is pure power the bible is printed all over the world.Even atheist read and go and buy and own the bible. Its a living book if you hold the book up in your hand it has power close your eyes and try to feel the energy and love it will never harm you.Perhaps you no another book that does all this I do not.

I replied:

This sounds like a job for SCIENCE!!

If you really think that copies of the Bible somehow emanate this power that you can feel, then A) for the sake of full disclosure you should be aware that I’m laughing at you, and B) it should be fairly easy to set up a blinded test to see whether or not this is a real effect. Could you tell a Bible from an ordinary book, without seeing them, just by detecting the waves of energy and love? Or do you just react emotionally to the Bible when you see it because of the associations it holds for you?

Also, if you really want to test the “it will never harm you” hypothesis, I’m sure we could rustle up a few volunteers to throw Bibles at your head and see how well it stands up to skeptical scrutiny.

Any takers?

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