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Hi there, thanks for checking out our restaurant. You’ve probably heard a few things about us in the media lately, but before you rush to judgment, let me correct some of the misconceptions and misrepresentations you’ve almost certainly been told about the food we serve here.

This restaurant was founded by people with a noble vision. They wanted to raise concerns regarding the quality of many of the raw ingredients that end up in a lot of meals presented to the public. There are some chefs out there who are buying their stock from sources who’ll do them favours in order to keep their business. These sources are often dubious, and aren’t seeking to provide customers with the most tasty and nutritious meals possible. This is potentially a serious problem in the restaurant business; if the public are getting a higher level of salt or trans-fats in their diet than they’re led to believe, because of some shady and unethical deals going on between kitchen staff and providers of ingredients, then this is a scandal which deserves to be exposed.

We’re driven by serious ethical concerns, and trying to change genuinely problematic behaviour in the industry.

So would everyone please stop describing this restaurant as “that place where they shit in your food”.

That is not what we’re all about. We’re trying to inform the public on things like the shockingly high fat content often found in even prime cuts of meat. But everyone keeps ignoring our true priorities, choosing instead to focus on complaints about being served plates of food that are literally full of human shit. There is so much whining from people who claim that this happened to them, and from do-gooders who are outraged on their behalf, and it just needs to stop.

Now, look, obviously I’m not saying I support anyone shitting in anyone else’s food. Of course I don’t think that’s okay. But this is all a distraction from the important issues that the majority of us, who aren’t taking a shit in anyone’s food, are trying to address.

I’m just a waiter here. All I do is bring diners’ meals to them, and at the same time provide some handy informational leaflets explaining our concerns, and how these concerns affect you, and how you can make a difference, and (most importantly) whose fault this all is. If the order I’m bringing happens to have been mixed with, or entirely replaced by, a steaming pile of human shit, that’s not my fault. My encouragement about healthy eating and ethical trading practices are peripherally connected to those plates of shit at best.

Really, the uproar over some shit apparently turning up in a few people’s food is totally hysterical and out of proportion. Some customers have reported being unable to eat properly for days due to nausea, even in contexts that have nothing to do with our restaurant. This is frankly pathetic. Bodily waste products are an everyday part of life. If you’re going to be the sort of person who eats and digests food on a regular basis, you can’t be so thin-skinned or unprepared to face the harsh realities of fecal waste, whether or not it’s directly in front of you on a plate.

Yes, I’ve seen the pictures that have been shared online, showing dishes laden with the combined excrement of several of our chefs, which had been placed on the table in front of certain individuals who claim to have been simply trying to enjoy a pleasant evening out with their families. I understand that there has also emerged some camera footage from our kitchen, where you can clearly see several of our cooks defecating directly onto the meals recently prepared for our customers while discussing loudly the virtue of the philosophical point they’re making about modern dietary habits. But I don’t just blindly accept the narrative being pushed on us here, and I question the agenda of those doing the pushing.

They’d have you believe that this is proof that shitting in people’s food is all that happens in this restaurant. In fact, there are strong reasons to believe that some of these people have been shitting on plates of food in their own kitchens at home, and maliciously misattributing the footage to make us look bad.

But of course, nobody who’s chosen to side with the customers can accept that any of them would behave like that. So they just lap up the story they’re being fed by the media, and conclude that everyone who works in this healthy-eating-centred restaurant is just constantly shitting on everything, all of the time. Which is palpably ludicrous and impossible, just on a biological level.

More than that, it’s also deeply offensive and derogatory, to an establishment founded on healthy principles, and with numerous decent people like myself working towards an important goal. People who refuse to let their worthwhile aims get derailed every time someone whines and wails about finding another mound of human shit in their dinner.

This restaurant is not going away. We are determined, and we will persist. No matter how many public health bodies decry our practices and brand us a hazard to society. No matter how many so-called experts weigh in and declare that all the efforts of our dedicated staff to educate the public about what they’re eating are tainted by the stink of all the shit people are claiming to find in their food. We will not be oppressed. Our doors will remain open, and we will continue to serve customers as we have always done, with a focus on improving honesty and accountability in the manufacture and distribution of basic foodstuffs.

If you don’t like it, eat shit.

(Not literally. I would never condone or approve such behaviour.)

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It’s time for bed, but very quickly before I go, a brief run-down of what happened to me today.

I went to work as usual, and decided to post another quick plug to this blog post, which I wrote yesterday, to my followers on Twitter.

A few minutes later, I noticed that it had been re-tweeted by the fantastically talented comedian Marcus Brigstocke, of whom I’ve been a fan for years, and who used the phrase “Best thing I’ve read in a while” to publicise my post to his followers. He also sent a reply message to me personally, describing it as a “blinding bit of writing”.

It was then also re-tweeted by a few hundred more people.

I seemed to have struck something of a chord.

I spent a good few minutes fanning myself, saying things like “lawks-a-mercy”, and being otherwise moved to strange behaviour by such deeply moving flattery.

I acquired about fifty new followers in short order, and did my best to be sociable and interact with some of the people chatting about me and what I’d written. (I’ll reply to the comments on the blog post itself tomorrow.)

I made a comment about being internet famous now, but worried that this kind of famous lasts nearer 15 seconds than 15 minutes, and speculated how I should best capitalise on this fleeting moment of attention. I then embarked on a surreal series of tweets describing my time in the Platinum Members’ Zone for internet celebrities, rubbing shoulders with various other fads. It went like this:

Woohoo, I’m in the Platinum Members’ Zone for internet famous people. My pass expires literally any minute now. Better get mingling!

There’s so many cool people back here. You guys are missing a great party. @chrismeredith, Numa Numa guy says “hallo”.

Keyboard cat?? I’d heard you were dead!

Ack, Star Wars Kid just spilled my drink. Stop waving that damn thing around! Ooh, I found the Pringles. Back in a few, everyone.

Okay, I’m back. And I can see why they drugged that kid at the dentist. He is not a great party guest. Really loud and quite rude.

Look man, whatever your name was, just *chill*. Britney’s not even here. Nobody’s bothering her. She’s fine. Have another daiquiri.

Okay, you do it, then I’ll say the thing…………… YA RLY!! Ha, that was classic. Thanks, I bet you get asked to do that all the time.

Wait, who invited *Hitler* to this thing? And what’s he so angry about? This is really killing the buzz. Maybe it’s time to go.

But I haven’t even met Rick Astley yet! Or danced on treadmills! (Seriously, *Hitler*? What were they thinking?)

Oh no, Keyboard Cat’s coming back over here. Don’t you dare play me off, don’t you- aw, dammit! You vicious, adorable bastard.

Guess the party’s over for me. Thanks for getting me in, though. Wouldn’t have happened without all you guys.

Then I actually got some work done for a bit.

And then I ventured off into London to see Nerina Pallot perform live, who was and is utterly fabulous. I should start going to more live music, because it was a fantastic set, including a surprise and surprisingly charming turn from Diana Vickers.

Then I came back here, and checked out the visitor stats for my blog for today, which looked like this:

And then I went to bed.

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I’m trying to live by the principle that no idea is too ridiculous to be worth following through with.

And, well, this was an idea I had. And it’s not something I’ve seen done already. So, here it is. Click the images for full-size versions, but hopefully they’ll appear more or less readable below, unless my HTML suck surpasses even my own expectations.

If you need context, hi, welcome to the internet.

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– Old people doing a bit of exercise in a church hall is incompatible with Christianity if the exercise has a funny foreign-sounding name. This is far from the most objectionable embargo laid down by a Christian church, but possibly one of the silliest.

– The unfathomably brilliant Douglas Adams was eleven years ahead of his time, and counting, on the basis of this essay from 1999. So many people still don’t understand any of the points he’s outlining here, and this was before the internet had begun to branch out in many of the ways it’s famous for these days. (link via @megpickard by way of @MitchBenn and @aleksk)

The Digital Cuttlefish is truly one of the great poets of our time, and if you’re not checking his/her blog regularly, you really should be. One of my recent favourite works was titled “I thank thee, God, for buttocks firm”, and the announcement that the Cuttlefish will be hosting the next edition of the Skeptics Circle blog carnival is characteristically delightful. Submit your entries over there within the next few days, if you’ve written anything on a skeptical theme lately that you think deserves a wider audience.

– I was watching Question Time just now, which is more or less the extent to which my ideas of political activism have gone anywhere lately. I was Twittering about it here, but without a great deal of insight. Most of the people involved didn’t take too long to say at least something to annoy me and make me frustrated with them and the whole process, particularly the audience members, but with the notable exception of Charles Kennedy.

I’m also redrafting a couple of proper full-length posts for the Skeptictionary, which should appear in the next couple of days.

Crap, less than a week till Ada Lovelace Day. Going to need to hurry up with my research on that, too.

Sorry, I’m just thinking aloud now, really. I think I’ve said as much as I’m going to say of any note. As you were.

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