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– If you’ve been only half paying attention to the internet as much as me lately, you’ll still be confused about this “Kony” thing you’ve been hearing about. Well, it’s actually a guy. An African warlord, and not a very nice African warlord as African warlords go, by the sound of it. There’s been something of a clusterfuck surrounding him lately – or, rather, surrounding a particular campaign for his arrest – which is nicely summarised here by BoingBoing. The filmmakers who’ve done so much to publicise his name lately have also responded to some of the criticism.

– JT Eberhard explains as nicely as he can to a 14-year-old girl why he hopes her birthday wish doesn’t come true.

The NHS bill is beyond repair. An even more overwhelming majority of people who actually work in and use the industry are opposed to the Conservatives’ plans for reform.

– Christians’ “relationship with Jesus” is like a lot of teenagers’ girlfriend who lives in Canada.


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– Whenever voluntary euthanasia is discussed, the concern is brought up about it being pressured or forced upon people who aren’t ready for it. And apparently, if you think this idea is frightening enough that you can score some political points off it, you’re allowed to just make shit up.

– Santorum: Burning copies of the Koran in Afghanistan was a mistake, but it wasn’t an intentional act, and so apologising for it “shows weakness“. He must’ve been a fun kid to play with. “No, Ms Huxtable, I won’t apologise to Susie for accidentally kicking her in the face while showing off my kung fu moves. It wasn’t an intentional act and so an apology would show weakness. Is it naptime yet?”

Dave Gorman is married, and reckons he and his wife would do just fine if same-sex couples wanted to do the same. He’s got an interesting analogy to explain why some people might disagree.

– Your computer could be curing cancer while you watch porn. Go Team Atheism!

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Wait, that sounds wrong. The Gay Slope. No, that’s got problems of its own.

Anyway, this is a brief post about the “slippery slope” argument as applied to gay marriage.

Martin Robbins is getting frustrated at the persistence with which many campaigners are seeking to Keep Marriage Heteronormative. He dismantles the various anti-equality arguments well enough, but that shouldn’t really even be a challenge for any thinking person these days.

Still, however many times all this needs to be repeated, there’s no forcing anybody to accept it, and there might be no escape from the futile waste of time that seems to present itself as the only solution: Wait until the generation of people who come stubbornly pre-opposed to the idea die off, and society is primarily comprised of those who’ve grown up amid this conversation and who can easily tell which, generally speaking, is the side that makes sense.

There’s just one thing that comes up in Martin’s piece which I want to comment on. One question being asked by the Coalition for Marriage is:

If marriage is redefined once, what is to stop it being redefined to allow polygamy?

The same answer can be given here as with any question that takes this form.

The thing that will stop us from redefining marriage to allow polygamy, if anything, is simply this: a good reason why we shouldn’t redefine marriage to allow polygamy. Are there any of those? Well, maybe. Martin suggests not, and I’m inclined to agree, but that’s for a discussion about polygamy to decide. Right now we’re talking about gay marriage. So, are there any good reasons why we shouldn’t redefine marriage to allow same-sex partnerships? We’re still waiting.

If we do terrible thing A, what’s to prevent us from doing terrible thing B later?

Rational arguments against terrible thing B that simply don’t apply in the case of terrible thing A. That’s what.

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– The Prime Minister recently made a visit to an NHS Hospital. Judging by the ensuing reports, it seems to have been an entirely self-serving publicity exercise, in which patients had to be inconvenienced and staff threatened with disciplinary action in order to keep things running smoothly for Mr Cameron. It might have done more to “bolster support for his NHS reform” if any significant body of NHS workers were actually in favour of it.

– And while we’re on the subject of dangerous government authoritarianism, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency appear to have taken down a website and replaced it with a legally illiterate series of threats. They were going after content infringement, but in a way that misleads the public and seems like it shouldn’t merit being grouped in with SOCA’s usual remit of investigating terrorism, people trafficking, gun running, and the like.

– If “homophobic” isn’t the right word to mean “displaying prejudice against homosexual people”, fine, use another one. Just let them get married already.

Occupy! Rapists! There, doesn’t that make the protestors seem scary and dangerous? They’re something to do with rapists!

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– Some staff in a Rhode Island school still want to push their religious privilege. But they recently lost a vote to keep wasting taxpayer money and breaking the law. Yay!

– The Sun loves dawn raids by police (except when it happens to them).

– Rick Santorum’s got a new description for how gay marriage is ruining the world: it “waters down” hetero marriage. Which of course is meaningless, does nothing to explain how anyone else’s marriage is affected by allowing same-sex couples these basic rights, and continues to ignore whether divorce and other straight-marriage problems aren’t just as damaging.

– Let’s see… If we’re going to discuss legislation surrounding women’s health services and reproductive rights, who is it probably quite important that we invite to the hearing?

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My new favourite answer to right-libertarianism.

– The black-and-white, either/or, tribalistic partisan divide in US politics is damaging and nonsensical. Here’s a Republican supporting gay marriage.

Rick Santorum thinks women are unsuitable for some jobs because of “other types of emotions” that they have. What really makes him evil is the senseless use of the phrase “more unique”, though.

– Back in the UK, we’re learning more and more about the few groups who support Lansley’s NHS reforms (generally the same ones who stand to personally profit from it). For instance, General Healthcare Group’s parent company Netcare sold human organs on the black market.

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– A small but probably good step has been made toward gay marriage rights and/or marriage equality, leaving only a tragically long way to go for modern society to catch up with itself.

– If you choose not to donate to a charity because you disagree with their practices or philosophy, you’re poisoning democracy.

– The placebo effect proves the existence of God. And “God” can mean whatever you need it to mean so that that first sentence is true. Hey, did you know the Huffington Post has a science section now?

This. (Though I daren’t investigate what’s kicking off down there in the comments.)

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