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While I was offline for a month, I kept a note of any links and news stories worth commenting on. Now that I’m back, I’m aiming to post two short items a day here, about stuff that happened during my online absence, until I’ve cleared the backlog. This is one of those.

Elton John’s had a baby.

Okay, that deserves some clarification.

Elton John and his partner David Furnish have a child, born recently to a surrogate mother. Good for that kid. The couple have been going to some lengths trying to adopt for some time, so there seems little doubt that this baby will grow up being loved and well taken care of.

If they were a straight couple who’d had a child naturally, there’d be absolutely no chance of the state taking it away unless they could prove their suitability as parents.

But when the BBC reported on this moderately interesting celebrity gossip which isn’t really any of our business, they decided to balance out the heart-warming family-centric nature of this story.

Specifically, they interviewed a guy who wants all gay people to be executed.

Both sides!

You might have heard of this guy, Stephen Green. He’s the front-man for a bunch of fanatical right-wing fundamentalist zealots who speak for no-one, called Christian Voice. They’re best known for things like trying to outlaw a play which was a bit rude, supporting a proposed law in Uganda which would make homosexuality punishable by death, and living a life of humility and poverty in the way Jesus wanted his followers to do.

I made one of those up.

And it’s not the one about supporting capital punishment for all gay people. Stephen Green praised the Ugandan politician who put that bill forward as “trying to protect his nation’s children”, and expressed hope that the country would “stand by their Christian values”.

I wonder what counterpoint he might bring to this story about two men raising a child together.

The fact that Stephen Green’s a dick isn’t news, but the BBC’s decision to give him a platform in this situation is baffling. No sane reporter would turn to Fred Phelps for an alternative viewpoint when covering the funeral of a war hero. Nobody’s obliged to give a shit about Kent Hovind’s “perspective” on any new biological discovery.

You don’t need to cater to the vicious, cruel, inhumane, wrong fringe opinion, just through fear of not being sufficiently “fair”.

(h/t noodlemaz)


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