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– Deepak Chopra thinks he can cause earthquakes. Well, maybe. It could be that he just doesn’t quite understand what a joke is but thought he’d have a go at making one anyway. But it’s reflective of the amount of crap he usually talks that a lot of people genuinely aren’t sure whether he was serious when he tweeted: “Had a powerful meditation just now – caused an earthquake in Southern California”. It honestly sounds like the sort of thing he’d say.

– There are now more women in space than there ever have been before. Four female astronauts are currently in orbit around the planet. And they’re all pretty awesome. Hell, it’s enough sometimes to just remind ourselves that there are people in space. Like, right now. Humans did that. While being made of meat.

– You really should watch one of the greatest TED talks I’ve seen. And I’ve frittered away quite a lot of time watching TED talks. It’s not that long, and it’s about making policies to stop the spread of HIV based on what actually works. Profoundly eye-opening and insightful, though there are some pretty icky stories and descriptions of needles near the start, which made me cringe a little and might unnerve anyone sensitive to that kind of thing. Nothing visually graphic, probably NSFW for subject matter, but really important.

– And the latest edition of the Skeptics’ Circle is up, over at Divisible By Pi. Some great links to other fascinating articles, and couched in the most elaborately creative narrative since, well, probably my own slightly surreal attempt.

– Oh, and I’ve just sent an email to the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for my constituency, asking about his position on a number of important issues, inspired by the list of suggested questions up at the Skeptical Voter site. If and when I get a reply, I’ll go there to update his wiki page. Perhaps I should have got in touch with the sitting Conservative MP to ask him the same things, but his voting record in the House of Commons is such that he’s not likely to be able to say anything now to earn my support. If you’re in the UK and think there’s any way this general election thingy coming up might affect you, you could do worse than to check the Skeptical Voter site for ways to get involved, or follow them on Twitter for news updates.

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