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– Old people doing a bit of exercise in a church hall is incompatible with Christianity if the exercise has a funny foreign-sounding name. This is far from the most objectionable embargo laid down by a Christian church, but possibly one of the silliest.

– The unfathomably brilliant Douglas Adams was eleven years ahead of his time, and counting, on the basis of this essay from 1999. So many people still don’t understand any of the points he’s outlining here, and this was before the internet had begun to branch out in many of the ways it’s famous for these days. (link via @megpickard by way of @MitchBenn and @aleksk)

The Digital Cuttlefish is truly one of the great poets of our time, and if you’re not checking his/her blog regularly, you really should be. One of my recent favourite works was titled “I thank thee, God, for buttocks firm”, and the announcement that the Cuttlefish will be hosting the next edition of the Skeptics Circle blog carnival is characteristically delightful. Submit your entries over there within the next few days, if you’ve written anything on a skeptical theme lately that you think deserves a wider audience.

– I was watching Question Time just now, which is more or less the extent to which my ideas of political activism have gone anywhere lately. I was Twittering about it here, but without a great deal of insight. Most of the people involved didn’t take too long to say at least something to annoy me and make me frustrated with them and the whole process, particularly the audience members, but with the notable exception of Charles Kennedy.

I’m also redrafting a couple of proper full-length posts for the Skeptictionary, which should appear in the next couple of days.

Crap, less than a week till Ada Lovelace Day. Going to need to hurry up with my research on that, too.

Sorry, I’m just thinking aloud now, really. I think I’ve said as much as I’m going to say of any note. As you were.

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