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Rush Limbaugh has some fascinating insights into “the kind of stuff the Obama team is lining up“.

Millions of idiots with whom poor Rush has the misfortune of sharing a country – “the pop culture crowd”, as he calls them, also known as “people who enjoy stuff that lots of other people enjoy” – will be watching and hearing about a new Batman film in coming weeks, in which the villain‘s name uncannily resembles that of a company Mitt Romney used to run.

Poor Mitt. He couldn’t possibly have known that such a conspiracy would someday be launched against him, back when he was made the first CEO of Bain Capital, a company named after its founder.

He’s going to be livid when someone shows him a dictionary.

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So I saw The Dark Knight.

Short, spoiler-free review: Fucking. Awesome.

And Heath Ledger had more charisma in his tongue than I am ever going to accumulate over a lifetime of being me.

Later, I may speculate on film adaptations of comic-book and graphic novel superheroes generally, and the extent to which disbelief can be suspended for the sake of a world which runs under such different rules from our own. It’s an interesting subject, and I have thoughts about it on several different movies which it might be fun to compare and see if I can draw any particular conclusions. But that’s later. For now, go see The Dark Knight.

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